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Beginning of spring

For rodents such as hamsters, mice and guinea pigs,.... after months of cold and scarcity, they begin to eat more and seek building materials. It is the season when they renew their nests and prepare to welcome new family members.

Chickens, the faithful companions of many households, are also showing signs of spring fever. They are laying more eggs and enjoying the opportunity to scavenge outside and peck at fresh greens. Spring offers them a chance to stretch their wings and enjoy the freedom that the outdoors brings.

Nature birds, such as blackbirds, tits and robins, also become more active. They begin building their nests and sing merrily to attract a mate. It is a spectacular sight to see them frolicking and fluttering through gardens and forests, full of energy and zest for life.

With ornamental birds, the beginning of spring is celebrated with beautiful colors and melodies. From parrots to canaries, these colorful creatures show off their feathers and sing merrily as they welcome the warmer days. Spring is a time of joy and excitement for them, when they display their natural beauty and enjoy the company of their peers.

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Posted on 27.03.2024

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